Twirlettes having a busy Fall!

Twirlettes join the University of Michigan Marching band for TWIRLER FOR A DAY! 11 Twirlettes took the field at the big house!

Twirlettes are pictured with University of Michigan Alumni Stacey Girbach,(Center),  HS Twirlers Johanna Kegerreis, Zoe Dotts- Brown, Izzy Melvin, Julie Palmer, Amanda Coy, Kelly Coghlan, Lizzie Branch, Sabrina Beiring, and Alexa Bader along with our up and coming stars  Haley Alvarez, Hanna Alvarez, and Elly LeCursi!

u-of-m-twirler-for-day Girls performed at Halftime and Post game at The BIG HOUSE!u-of-m-twirler-for-day-field Julie Twirls in TIME SQUARE on recent NY trip!

ny-julie Competition Season has begun! Hanna, Haley and Alexa start off at the TU Regional contest in OHIO!new-competition-season-beginsMajorette Season is upon us! Grass Lake introduces 6 new majorettes for
the 2016-7 season.  Middle Schooler Haley joined the band for the MS band night!


Sabrina, Grass Lake Freshman, gets elected Freshman Class rep for homecoming September 30, 2016

Saline Majorettes and Chelsea Feature Twirler meet up at Chelsea band invitational. The girls we thrilled to see their team mates perform their halftime show. 
Middle School Twirlers in ACTION this week! Saline and Grass Lake Middle School Twirlers did a great job in their first outing! Now onto more games!ms-twirlers-saline gl-ms-twirlers