2022 Twirlettes Show Corps with Props


We are excited to report that the Twirlettes Show Corps took SILVER at the 2022 WFNBTA World Championships in Eindhoven!

The team also won the National Title in the Senior Small category at the University of Notre Dame bringing home the 22nd National Championship title for the organization.

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The Saline Twirlettes National Baton Twirling Team is headed to The Netherlands to compete in July 2022 at the World Baton Twirling Championships that were originally scheduled for March 2020.  The group earned a position on the National Baton Twirling Association’s (NBTA) Team USA at their Grand National Baton Twirling Championships held in the summer of 2019.  Due to the pandemic the World Championships were postponed to August 2021 and then again to July 2022 in which the 2022 Saline Twirlettes National Team has recommitted themselves to represent the USA. A tremendous honor for the team and all the communities they represent! 

The Saline Twirlettes National Team clinched their spot by winning the Grand National Show Corps Championship. This is their 21st national title and consecutive year as the overall Grand National Champions. To achieve this level, the team had to win their division of Senior Small Show Corps with Props and then compete once more to win the overall Grand National Championship. During the national title competition the team swept all specialty awards including teamwork, execution, and movement and production.  Show corps is one of the most challenging categories because it includes choreography of both baton and props along with dance movements, stationary and traveling maneuvers, and creativity coupled with a high-level of difficulty and originality.  

Each year the NTBA hosts America’s Youth on Parade (AYOP), a weeklong athletic event, featuring more than 4,500  competitors. This event, held at University of Notre Dame, attracts the best of these athletes from across the US and  Canada. World competitions are held every three years and Grand National winners are invited to compete for gold medals  on the world stage representing their home country. In 2017, 19 countries were represented.  

Only a few athletes from Michigan have earned placements on Team USA. The short list includes Saline Twirlettes’ Hanna  Alvarez (2018, Norway) and Nathan Magyar (2000 England and 2006 Netherlands). Others include Gillian Brooks (2014 Italy), Moriah Muscaro Forster (2015), Stacy Leatherberry Rehmann (2003 France), Tiffany Reicosky Miller (2003 France  and 2006 Netherlands). This is the first time a team from Michigan has earned the honor to compete in the world  championships.  

Aside from the importance of a world qualifying year, the timing is special as the Saline Twirlettes celebrated their 50-year anniversary in December 2018! It is Saline’s longest running youth organization. Director Susan Usher said, “Despite our  team attracting athletes across Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, it is important that we keep the heritage and the founding community in the name of our program.” Usher added, “Beyond twirling, team members are taught confidence,  responsibility, discipline and most importantly, how to become one team.” 

The 2022 Saline Twirlettes National Team representing the USA is comprised of 21 twirlers, ages 10-21. Twirling experience  ranges from 4 -16+ years. Team members practice 6-12 hours weekly during the school year, in addition to weekend training retreats that take place at least once a month. This training will increase to 35 hours per week mid-June through July.

The 2022 Saline Twirlettes who are proud members of Team USA are:  

Haley Aiken Jeannette, PA 

Sabrina Beiring Grass Lake, MI 

Kyla Brewer Dexter, MI

Amanda Coy Saline, MI

Zoë Dotts-Brown Grass Lake, MI 

Victoria Dierks Temperance, MI

Brenna Douge Temperance, MI

Alexis Figueras Ypsilanti, MI 

Laila Frye Ypsilanti, MI

Emma Gardner Temperance, MI

Alexandra Ley Saline, MI

Katie Harris Fort Collins, CO

Erin Huetteman Saline, MI 

Jenna Huetteman Saline, MI 

Emily Inniger Dexter, MI

Elly LeCursi Saline, MI 

Jack Matthews Hartland, MI

Izzy Melvin Jackson, MI 

Lexi Peats Perrysburg, OH

Maggie Smith Ypsilanti, MI

Morgan Kathleen Smith Wickliffe, OH 

For more information on the Saline Twirlettes or how you can see them perform locally, please reach out to Director, Susan Usher or visit us at our website or on social media. 

For more information: 

National Baton Twirling Association USA and/or AYOP, visit batontwirling.com

NBTA USA World Team, visit nbtausaworldteam.com

World Baton Twirling Championships, visit wctwirl2020.com

Follow us on our journey at: SalineTwirlettes National Team Saline Twirlettes