Thank you!

We are so thankful for our wonderful sponsors for donating to help us get to Worlds in April of 2020. This summer we earned our spot on Team USA 2020 and we are so excited to represent our country! We are still looking for sponsors as we have a huge goal to meet and would love your support!

If your choose to sponsor the Saline Twirlettes, depending on the level you sponsor at, there are a variety of benefits for you and your company! We like to thank the companies listed below for helping us to reach our goal.

Exclusive Team USA Sponsors: $10,000+

Platinum Level Sponsors: $5,000

Gold Level Sponsors: $2,500

Dick Mattie and Associates Realtors

Vogel Family Foundation ( Nicole Stegenga Strong & Laurie Stegenga)

Silver Level Sponsors: $1,000

Kristen Schuyten- Independent SeneGence Distributor &

Certified SeneBlends Makeup Artist

Bronze Level Sponsors: $500

Dr. Michael  S. Singleton, DDS, PLLC

Fifth Wheel Freight

Heidi McKenzie and family

Kathy and Jeff DeBest Family

Keith and Deborah Masserant

Kevin’s Landscaping

Nancy Stahl

Saline Masons

UAW Region 1A

General Team USA Sponsors $250 

Bobb Vergiels

Brett and Lisa Kalem & family

Chelsea Orthodontics

Dr. Katherine Kelly Orthodontics

Dr. Regina Davis, DDS

Great Lakes Family Dentistry 

Judy Kyees

Main Street Optometry 

Mark Fitzpatrick

Saline Rotary

Yes, Insurance-Joel Ciotta

Family & Friends Team USA Sponsors

( Facebook Friends Campaign, Personal donations) 

Al Hodge

Albert Olhava

Alex Evrard

Alicia Ping

Alison Minegar

Annette and Jon Coy

Amy Howard Bersuder

Anne Kelly-Rowley

Anne McNarney

Annie Kennedy

Bethany Jeanne Bamber

Betsy Green

Bertie Gandy

Brad Gandy

Jeff Gandy

Nick Gandy

Nigel Gandy

Beth and Don Grubb

Brian Dover

Carol Shuryan

Cheryl Wimberley

Christine Faeth

Christopher and Sharon Stemple

Colleen Purdy Hull

Corey Davis

Dana Kalem

David Shand

Deborah Wilson

Denise Cantu

Derek Brooks

Donna Girbach

Donna Schwartzenberger

Emily Green Webster

Emily McGilvra

Emily Twanmo

Great Lakes Family Dentistry

Gloria Usher

Jamie Lundy Huffman

Jessica Lynn Nelson Cotner

Jim Davis

John and Karen Fitzpatrick

Joyce Nelson

Judy Bradford Wilder

Julie Leathers Stahl

June Ciampa Lauer

Kathleen Slonager

Kathy Gandy Wise

Kathy Quinn

Kathy Schlaud

Kathy Siebenaler Wilson

Katie Baltodano

Kyle Keiser

LaTasha Frye

Laura Oblin Doughman

Linda Blount

Lori Mercer Brown

Lyn and Rick Haubenstricker

Lynn Usher-Cavaliere

Mandie Causie

Margaret Mercer

Maria Treviño Cerroni

Michael Zoltowski

Mitzi Miles

Noel Pick Winkler

Norma Julian

Norman Julian

Olivia F Lynch

Pam and Will Teslios

Patricia Lynn Rosteck Jankowski

Raymond James

Renee Gucwa-Sanders

Rhonda Henley Muscaro

Ron Tandy Jr.

Sandy Althaus Strong

Sarah Dowdell

Sarah Nitz

Scott Anderson

Scott Callow

Shannon Hill

Sharon & Christopher Stemple

Shelly Naugle-Pahl

Sherri Lewis Hernandez

Sue Gillis

Sue Hunter

Sue Maloney

Susan Tice Niethammer

Tammy Albrecht

The Lakes Dental 

Terry Crawford

Tiffany Cushman-Dewley

Tina Marie Tomlins

Toni Knight

Tricia and Brian Inniger

In-Kind Sponsors

Brewed Awakening

Coghlan Family

Coy Family

Dearborn Ham

Gorgeous Twirling Costumes, California

Gwen’s Cake Decorating and Etc.

Life Proof Beauty, Kristen Balfour Schuyten

Linda Richards, New York

Mixed Bags

Painted Owl, Grass Lake, MI

Rock, Paper Scissors Shop

Saline Fire Department, Chief Craig Hoeft

Saline Flowerland

Salon Luminosity 

Steve’s Image Group

Tippins Market


 Michigan  Medicine Orthotics and Prosthetic Center

Viper Apparel

Kurt and Karen Walworth


If you are interested in sponsoring, please look at the list of sponsorship opportunities to see what would be the best fit to you or your company. If sponsoring is something you’d like to do, please fill out the following sponsorship form

Thank you for your support!