Advanced Twirlers


The Twirlettes are very proud and honored to have  twirlers reach the highest level of competition twirling. It takes years, many hours of practicing, commitment and dedication to reach this level.  All advanced twirlers must continue to train on a very high level and intense commitment to be competitive at the advanced level. Congratulations to our current advanced twirlers!!

Pictured:  2016 Nationals- Haley Alvarez, Stacey Girbach, Hanna Alvarez- Stacey was a top Advanced , National level twirler and University of Michigan twirler who now coaches the Twirlettes National team.

Advanced Twirlers Memories:

2015 October 004 2015 October 120




haley tu solo winner

haley, int solo champ hanna int solo champ










amanda wins

Amanda Coy, Advanced

  • 2015 Grand National Jr. Solo Top 20 qualifier
  • 2015 Jr. Miss Majorette of MI Royalty
  • 2014 Royalty
  • 2013 Preteen Miss Majorette of MI






Izzy~2014 Preteen Miss Majorette of MI Royalty & Amanda~2014 Preteen Miss Majorette of MI

Izzy Melvin, Advanced

2013 Miss Majorette royalty









Retired Advanced twirlers

  •  Natalie Haubenstricker -13 year member
  • Chrissy Houle- 16 year member
  • Haley Williams
  • Conner Potter
  • Stacey Girbach
  • Nathan Magyar
  • Mary Ciotta
  • Cindy Bruckner
  • Kelsey Lamkin
  • Jessica Potter
  • Liesl Green
  • Bethany Lawson
  • Donovan Sarr
  • Stacy (Leatherberry) Rehmann