Twirlette Alumni~”Has Beens”

nathan g collage
Stacey & Nathan started as twirlers, then teammates and collegiate twirlers together at the University of Michigan. They were highly successful and nationally ranked twirlers.

The Twirlettes’ alumni are highly respected within the Twirlettes organization as they were  a vital part of the past championships, success,  and programs that still continue today within the organization. Kindly referred to as our ‘has beens” our Twirlette alumni have paved the way for many twirlers after them. The “has beens” continue to support the organization that was so important during their twirling careers, led to many close friendships, life lessons & values that they are now applying to their collegiate & professional careers. They often return to support their team at football games, performances, events, clinics, camps and get together often.  Many of them have traveled to nationals taking vacation days to help and support their team.  They embody what this group means not only to the coaches but the members.  We have a phrase that signifies their forever membership into this group. “Once a Twirlette, always a Twirlette”!

~’We spend time together not because we have to, but because we want to!”.su, with college

Conner-EMU, Stacey-U of M, Head Coach, Chrissy-Yale, Haley- Alabama


G u of m niceUniversity of Michigan Twirler, Stacey Girbach 2010-12

jess, conner emuEastern Michigan University Feature Twirlers-Jessica & Conner Potter(2010-12)

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University of Michigan   Twirler, Nathan Magyar 2008-12

mary purdue          Purdue University Twirler-Mary Ciotta 2008-2009

 liesl, psu                               Penn State Touch of Blue Majorette-Liesl Green 2003-2007

bethany emu

Eastern Michigan University Feature Twirler-Bethany Lawson 2008-9

bethany miami

 Prior to EMU, Bethany was a Feature Twirler at Miami University 2003-8


bethnay, jess emu                      Eastern Michigan Twirlers Bethany Lawson & Jessica Potter 2009-10

kelsey, gvsu
Grand Valley State University Twirler-Kelsey Lamkin 2008


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