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CLASSES:  Classes held in Saline on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Recreational classes held on Tuesdays at Woodland Meadows school in Saline.  Thursdays is reserved for our national team.


We host 2 terms. The Fall term runs from September- January. Winter term starts the first of February until May/early June.

  • Liz and Cori

RECITALS:  Twirlettes pride themselves on having 2 annual recitals; a holiday  recital in December and our Annual Spring recital in May or June.

PARADES:  The Twirlettes participate in many parades during the year; including the Saline Homecoming parade, Saline Holiday parade, Memorial Day parade, Ann Arbor July 4th parade, Ypsilanti Heritage Festival parade.

PERFORMANCES:  Twirlettes perform locally at the Saline Summerfest and other local performances, as requested. The National team holds a more rigorous calendar performing at Local high school halftimes, Eastern Michigan halftimes, and at the University of Michigan.


2015 October 288

~Satellite of Saline Twirlettes LLC.  Fall 2015 Grass Lake Twirler for Day event


CLASSES:  Classes are held in Grass Lake on Wednesdays at George Long Elementary Café /gym.  Recreational classes are offered for all ages as well as a  team class. Once twirlers excel to a higher level, they are promoted to classes in the Saline Program.

RECITALS:   A showcase of talent is held in December so parents, family & friends can see how their twirler has progressed since the fall. The highlight is our annual spring recital in May,

PARADES:  The Grass Lake Twirlers join the main program in Saline, but also perform in many of their own local parades including ; Grass Lake Homecoming, Holiday parade and Memorial day parade.

PERFORMANCES:   The novelty team performs at the Saline recitals, local performances, and  at Grass Lake High School basketball halftimes.  All twirlers perform from time to time, when requested, for the local community.



Grass Lake  student Hanna , started at age 4 and reached top national ranks.  In 2015, she was in the Grand National solo top 6 and 2nd runner up in the Little Miss Majorette of America pageant. In 2016, she made the top 15 Grand National solo as the youngest in the juvenile division and placed 7th overall in the Juvenile Miss Majorette of America pageant. Hanna is the current age 7 ,  2-baton champion and 0-8 Miss TU Majorette.


hanna leap