College Twirlers

Saline Twirlettes are extremely proud of its members and alumni that have reached the ultimate goal of auditioning and being selected to represent their collage as a twirler. The level of dedication required to reach and maintain this goal included investments in time and money by parents, family, coaches and the twirler themselves to achieve this high aspiration. Twirling for your university on a collegiate football field on a fall Saturday in front of thousands of roaring fans is on of the ultimate rewards for any twirler. We are very proud to have twirler with the passion to experience representing their university.

Purdue University Girl in Black Feature Twirler
Amanda Coy

Fall 2018 – Present






Austin Peay State University Feature Twirler
Izzy Melvin

Fall 2018 – Present






Ohio State University Buckeye Twirl Club
Alexa Bader

Fall 2018- Present






University of Toledo Feature Twirler
Cori Walworth

Fall 2017 – Present



Collegiate Alumni Twirlers

Chrissy Houle, Yale University Feature Twirler
Fall 2012-2016










Haley Williams, University of Alabama, Crimsonette
Fall 2012 – 2014
Captain – 2014










Dana Kalem, Ohio State University, Buckeye Twirl Club
Fall 2013 – 2016








Mariah Austin, Eastern Michigan University, Feature Twirler
Fall 2011-2014










Stacey Girbach, University of Michigan, Twirler
Fall 2010-2012










Conner Potter, Easter Michigan, Feature Twirler
Fall 2010-2012

Jessica Potter, Eastern Michigan University, Feature Twirler
Fall 2009-2010









Nathan Magyar, University of Michigan, Twirler
Fall 2008-2011









Mary Ciotta, Purdue University, Boilerette
Fall 2008 – 2009










Bethany (Lawson) Bamber, Eastern Michigan University, Feature Twirler
Fall 2008-2009










Kelsey Lamkin, Grand Valley State University, Twirler
Fall 2008










Liesl Green, Pennsylvania State University, Touch of Blue
Fall 2003-2007



July 2012: College Twirlers pose at Nationals together- L to R:  Alumni Univ. of Michigan Twirler Stacey Girbach,  Alumni Eastern Michigan Twirler Conner Potter,  Virginia Tech Feature Twirler:  Harlie Dale, ( National team mate of Twirlettes),  Alabama Crimsonette Haley Williams & Yale University Twirler Chrissy Houle,  Alumni University of Michigan Twirler Nathan Magyar




Conner Potter, Stacey Girbach, Coach Susan, Chrissy Houle, Haley Williams We like to refer to our Twirlers that have moved on from their twirling careers as “Has-beens”. This is the most endearing term and we are so proud that they have set such high twirling standards, strong work ethic, high academic standards, and past success.