Camps can be an integral part of training for twirlers due to the length & intensity of the camp and/or clinic. The consistency and constant feedback can add to a twirlers success.  Newer twirlers can learn quicker, keep up on skills, review and learn many tricks.  Competition twirlers gain control, consistency &  routine perfection. Also while learning new tricks, trying new moves and working intensely to improve skills.

Clinics & Camps can be a fun way to learn, spend time with friends, and work in a  positive, hard working environment.

Twirlettes host two camps each summer, with one being offered through Saline Community Ed. Register Today!

Saline Community Ed Baton Camp

Experience the unique sport of baton twirling that combines athleticism and artistry. New twirlers ages 5 and up will learn basic skills, marching and body work. Experienced twirlers will expand upon their skills while national level twirlers prepare for the return to national competition. There will be a camp theme that will incorporate fun activities during the week. The camp will end with a performance for friends and family. Instructor: Susan Usher

Twirling Camp for Experienced Twirlers