Private Instruction

All Twirlettes are invited to take private lessons with the team of Twirlette Instructors. Once a member of the Twirlettes all instruction is coordinated through our Head Coach.  Lessons typically are on Sundays in Milan. ( MS gym)

Lessons – We offer a few lesson spots on respective class nights at our 2 locations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Some Sundays are also available.  

Private instruction offers the chance for students to work one on one with instructors and focus on their individual needs, technique, and new material. Lessons are mandatory for the KTN team and are highly suggested for students wanting to compete on any level.

Our team of instructors include Head Coach Susan, Leslie Choate Coach of Grass Lake, College Student teachers, HS student teachers, and our guest coaches. During clinics we offer different instructors from across the country to can help our students. All instruction is under the guidance of Head Coach Susan.  If you are in need of a lesson at any time, please email Susan at: