Pageants & Titleholders


~Sabrina Beiring- Miss South Central Outstanding Teen 2018

Twirlettes had three contestants in the Miss Michigan’s Outstanding teen pageant in June of 2017

Izzy Melvin won 1st runner up & Amanda Copy made the top 12!


 Former Pageant Title holders

Haley Williams, Miss Michigan 2013HALEY WILLIAMS, 2013 MISS MICHIGAN

Miss Michigan 2013  honed her skills since the age of 5 with the Saline Twirlettes. Haley was a prelim talent and bathing suit winner at Miss Michigan and then won the coveted crown. In September of 2013, she was a part of the first class of State Winners to return to Atlantic City to compete for Miss America. Haley had over 80 family & friends that traveled to the Boardwalk to support her as Miss Michigan, with 22 of those supporters being her twirling family members. Haley represented herself and her state with class, dignity, beauty, and substance on the Miss America stage and her biggest honor was not only being named a finalist for the Quality of Life Award, but winning the prestigious award along with a $6,000 scholarship. Haley’s platform; Conquering Childhood Grief: Through a Child’s eyes is personal and close to home. She calls herself a survivor of grief since loosing her father at a young age.

Her platform was a personal triumph and continues to promote grief support to children.

Haley will graduated in December of 2015 from the University of Alabama with a bachelors degree.   She used her $21,800 in college scholarships won during her local, state, and Miss America pageant experience to graduate debt free.  After one year at Western Michigan University and a twirler with the Bronco Marching band, she transferred to Alabama.  She became a Crimsonette her 1st year attending in 2012 and 2013 had to take a year off to be Miss Michigan and the returned to lead the Crimsonettes as captain with the University of Alabama “Million Dollar” band in the fall 0f 2014.  She twirled at 2 National championsip games, 2 SEC playoff games and loves the Crimson Tide. Haley currently lives and works in Nashville, TN.


The Twirlettes have been able to take their skills they’ve learned through twirling;  talent, interview,  & modeling  and transfer those skills to the pageant stage. Twirlettes like the ability to show others that twirling is a viable talent and twirlers are successful in school, talent, and the community.  It is also an opportunity to earn college scholarships.  Chrissy Houle (L) earned a total of $11,800  and Haley Williams(R) has earned $21, 800 through their pageant scholarship programs.  The Twirlettes have had 2 Miss Saline Fair Queens, 2 finalists, 2 Top ten Miss MI Outstanding teen finalists, a Miss MI Outstanding teen, 2 Distinguished Young Women of MI,  a 2nd Runner up in Distinguished Young Woman of America, a DYW talent, fitness, self expression, and interview winner, a Miss Michigan, and a Miss America Quality of Life winner.

 Pageant Title Holders

2018:  Miss South Central Outstanding Teen 2018- Sabrina Beiring


  • Miss Michigan Outstanding Teen 1st runner up-Izzy Melvin
  • Miss MI Outstanding Teen top 12- Amanda Coy, Izzy Melvin
  • Miss Spirit of the State Outstanding Teen- Amanda Coy
  • Miss Great Lakes Outstanding Teen- Izzy Melvin
  • Miss Mid-Michigan-Sabrina Beiring


  • 3rd runner up- Miss Michigan Outstanding Teen & Talent Winner- Amanda Coy
  • Miss Downriver Outstanding Teen-Amanda Coy


  • Top Ten Finalist- Miss Michigan Outstanding Teen and Talent winner- Amanda Coy
  • Miss Heartland Outstanding Teen- Amanda Coy
  • Jr. Miss Washtenaw -Elly LeCursi
  • Colleen Issel-Miss Saginaw Outstanding Teen, 2015


  • 2015 Miss Auburn/Midland Outstanding Teen- Colleen Issel   (Overall best talent)
  • 2015 Miss Heartland Outstanding Teen-Amanda Coy


  • 2013 Miss Michigan-Haley Williams
  • 2013 Jr. Miss Washtenaw 1st runner up-Haley Alvarez
  • Miss Photogenic & Fashion Modeling winner- Elly LeCursi
  • Miss Photogenic-Izzy Strozeski
  • Pre-teen Miss Washtenaw 1st runner up-Izzy Melvin


  • 2012 Distinguished Young Woman of Michigan-Chrissy Houle
  • Distinguished Young Woman of America- 2nd runner up, Talent Winner, Fitness Winner- Chrissy Houle
  • Pre-teen Miss Washtenaw- Amanda Coy


  • 2011 Distinguished Young Woman of Michigan- Haley Williams
  • Pre-teen Miss Washtenaw- Erin Evans
  • Preteen Miss Washtenaw 2nd runner up-Colleen Issel
  •  Pre-teen Miss Washtenaw 3rd runner up-Andrea Doa


  • Little Miss Washtenaw-Izzy Strozeski
  • Junior Miss Washtenaw-Amanda Coy


  • Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen-Haley Williams


  • Miss Michigan Outstanding Teen top ten finalist-Mary Ciotta
  • Miss Calhoun County Outstanding teen- Mary Ciotta
  • Miss Saline-Mary Ciotta


  • Miss Saline- Nicole Stegenga