National Team

The KTN or Kids to National team was started in 1997 with the premise that this team would be for twirlers that want to commit to twirling as their #1 activity, dedicate, improve, compete, and be competitive at a national level. Since that time the team has won 15 National Team Championships, had several individual titles, a world team member, top ten Miss College Majorette finalist, a summer team member win College Miss Majorette, collegiate top ten finalist, and many top ten placements. Their honors include the 2009 & 2011 Halftime Show Twirl team Grand National champions and two- time Beth Wilson Artistic Award winners.


IMG_7597The team focuses on team work, hard work, dedication, being a good person while twirling,  in the community, and striving to be the very best we can at all times. The philosophy from the coach is that our improvement coincides as we improve individually and as a team member.


16-time National team Championships



  • Minion Team- Pre-teen Large Dance Twirl Beginner National Champions
  • Junior Team-2nd place-Junior Large Dance Twirl Beginner Division
  • “Sirens of the Sea”- Junior Halftime Show Twirl team-2nd place
  • Amanda Coy- Top 6-Jr. National Majorette Contest, Show Twirl Champion
  • Haley Alvarez- Top 2-Preteen National Majorette Contest, 10th Pre-teen Miss Maj. of America
  • Hanna Alvarez-2-baton National Champion-age 7, 7th Juv. Miss Maj. Of America
  • Izzy Melvin- National 3-baton champion-age 14
  • Andrea Doa-Intermediate Solo winner- age 17
  • Sabrina Beiring- Intermediate solo winner & Beginner Flag winner- age 13
  • Alexis Figueras- Beginner Strut winner- age 11
  • Kelly Coghlan- Beginner 2-baton winner-age 15
  • Kaitlyn Kornacki-Novice Strut winner, flag and duet-age 12
  • Jenna Huetteman-Novice strut winner-age 11

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emu team formal

2015-Twirlettes Capture Most Top Ten Finishes in History

  • Minion team- Pre-teen Large Beginner Dance twirl-3rd place
  • Junior Team “Heartbreakers”-Junior Large Beginner Dance Twirl team-2nd place
  • Halftime team “One team, One Heart”- Jr. Halftime Show Twirl Team-6th place
  • Grand National Solo “Little Big One’ top 6 finalist-Tiny tot-Hanna Alvarez
  • Grand National Solo”Little Big One” top 6 finalist-Juvenile- Haley Alvarez
  • Juvenile Team Member of Year- Haley Alvarez
  • Pre-teen Team Member of Year- Sabrina Beiring
  • National 2-baton Tiny tot champion- Hanna Alvarez
  • Intermediate strut winner-Lizzie Branch
  • Intermediate solo winner-Cori Walworth
  • Beginner solo winner-Johanna Kegerreis
  • Beginner solo winner-Alexis Figueras
  • Novice Flag winner-Avery St. Lawrence


  • Muppets Team- Beginner Pre-teen Small Dance Twirl NATIONAL CHAMPIONSFall 2014 044


  • Jr. team- Beginner Junior Large Dance twirl NATIONAL CHAMPIONS( ANY WAY YOU WANT IT)
  • Jr. Halftime- ” One team”- 2nd placeFall 2014 159








  • Jr. team- 3rd Place- Beg. Jr. Large Dance Twirl ( Any way you want it)
  • Muppets- 2nd place-Beg. Pre-teen Small Dance Twirl
  • Saline Majorettes- 3rd- majorette line dance twirl


  • Jr. Halftime- “Cops vs. Convicts”-2nd place
  • Sr. Halftime- Same- 3rd place
  • New Alliance Senior small dance twirl- 4th place finals
  • New Alliance Senior large dance twirl-7th place
  • Stronger team- Beg. Jr. large dance twirl-2nd place
  • Twirling Unlimited- Mini corps- 1st place & Outstanding show twirl team


  • Jr. Grand National Halftime Show Champions(Nerds)
  • Jr. “Don’t stop”- Jr. Small Dance Twirl-2nd place
  • Preteen Team- “Dig”-Preteen Small dance twirl-5th place


  • Saline Majorettes- Dance Twirl and Halftime champions
  • New Alliance-Sr. Small dance twirl- 12th
  • Sr. Small Halftime-“Sing, sing sing”-5th place
  • Jr team- ‘Don’t stop”-Jr Small dance twirl- 2nd place
  • Preteen team- “Dig”-Pre-teen small dance twirl-8th place


  • Sr. Grand National Halftime Show Champions-(Jungle)
  • Beth A. Wilson Halftime Artistic Award
  • Sr. team- “Stronger”-Beg. Sr. Small Dance Twirl Champions


  • Saline Majorettes- Majorette Halftime team Champions
  • Sr. halftime-“Jungle” Sr. Halftime show-2nd place
  • Beth A. Wilson Artistic Award
  • Sr. team- “Stronger”-Sr. small dance twirl-2nd


  • Juv. team-“OZ”- Juv. small dance twirl champions
  • Sr. Halftime- “Jungle- 2nd place
  • Jr. team-“Queen”-Jr. Large Adv. dance twirl- 4th finals
  • *first adv. team to make finals
  • Sr. Small-“Bohemian”- Adv. Sr. Small dance twirl- 15th


  • Sr. team-“Bohemian”-Adv. Sr. Small dance twirl-13th
  • Juv. team-“Oz”-Beg. Juv. Large dance twirl-2nd
  • Jr. Halftime show twirl-“Jackson”-3rd


  • Jr. team-“Mountain”-Beg. Jr. Large dance twirl champions
  • Jr. halftime show twirl'”Jackson”-2nd
  • Juv. team-“OZ”-Beg.Juv. Large dance twirl -3rd


  • Sr. team-“Freedom”-Beg. Sr. Small dance twirl champions
  • Jr. team-“Mountain”-Beg. Jr. Large dance twirl-8th


  • Juv. team-“Disco”-Beg. Juv. Dance twirl Champions
  • Juv. team-“Oz”-Beg. Juv. small dance twirl-8th
  • Sr. team-‘Freedom”-Sr, Small dance twirl-3rd
  • Jr. team-“Grease’-Beg. Jr. large dance twirl-5th


  • Tiny tot-“George”-Beg. tiny tot dance twirl champions
  • Juv. team-“Disco”-Beg. Juv. large dance twirl champions
  • Jr. team- “Grease”-Beg. Jr. large dance twirl champions